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Posted by Tropicana - April 4th, 2015

Who are you? You are not Orz! We are Orz! Orz are happy *people energy* from the outside.
Inside is good. So much good that Orz will always *germinate*.
Can you come together with Orz for *parties*?



That is *funny*. You think you *see* Orz but Orz are not *light reflections*.
Maybe you think Orz are *many bubbles* too. It is such a joke.
Orz are not *many bubbles* like *campers*. Orz are just Orz.
I am Orz. I am one with many *fingers*.
My *fingers* reach through into *heavy space* and you *see* *Orz bubbles*
but it is really *fingers*.
Maybe you do not even *smell*? That is sad.
*Smelling* *pretty colors* is the best *game*.

Perhaps you have not been to the *Playground*.
The *Playground* is for Taalo and for Orz, but *Campers* can go.
It more fun than several.
You can go there for too much fun.

Hello! I will say again for extra enjoyment. So much a fun game.
Hello! Hello! Next I will *spit* *slow time* words to you for better *dancing*.
Do you know? Orz can *dance* very well.
Now you are a *happy camper* and Orz can make *heavy space* ships for *dancing*.
Orz ships have the *GO! GO!*. Do you know?
These are best for letting go near *heavy space* planet bodies.
Then *GO! GO!* can going fastest to enter ships of the *other*.
Then it is *happy time*.

Even more *pleasant combinations*. I am *successful* the most.
Perhaps after the biggest *party* you will understanding the Orz
and I can showing you other *levels*.
There are so many, but you only *play* on this one.
One is not enough.
We are *friends* now. Never be afraid to *open* enough and *spread the wax*.

Posted by Tropicana - January 25th, 2015

211500_142219866681_tg.jpg http://www.webtoons.com/challenge/viewer?titleNo=3426&episodeNo=1 

I made a web comic for a contest. It starts out strong but falls off hard considering I had to rush 90% of it. 
Next one will have more polish but its just for fun :) 


do me a favor, vote , check it out and tell me what you think

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