Suck it up buttercup

2013-01-20 06:04:31 by Tropicana

So most of you are not going to know what to think of this I just have story and im going to tell it.

I was surfing the world wide web yesterday and I ran into some pitiful soul's art on deviant art. The art was a self whoring, im going to deactivate my account, Let me defend my insecure manhood by saying I didn't give an honest fuck.

What irritated me was the artist (im being kind here and not posting it) was complaining about not getting page views, comments , favorites whatever... Pretty much there upset about not getting recognition for their work.

Now here is the painfully hypocritical part, Their art had hundreds of comments on it on multiple art pieces. In addition the art they had up was pure garbage, im not even being critical no talent, or effort on any of their pieces.

I'm lucky to get a comment on any 1 piece, and my skills are superior on a tenfold level. You don't see me at all bothered with this, im actually humbled. I know I haven't honed my skills enough to cut it, that's fine ill make it there one day.

My point is don't expect life to be catered to you on a silver platter. Honestly if your deleting your art, and giving up because you don't get views you are obviously in it for all the wrong reasons. You'll get recognition when its due other wise you have no right to complain. This goes for any aspect.

Just wanted to get this off my chest, Against my better judgement I sent her a kind encouraging message rather than just telling them to stop being a pussy. With any luck it might change her perspective if not .. fuck it, Its not like im giving up.

Its not about the dollar or trying to go fast, if you dont take pride in your work it wont last


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2013-01-20 06:35:06

Suck up the tropicana


2013-01-20 07:17:51

I totally agree with what you said.




2013-01-20 09:08:51

Sounds a lot like Hiryu hahah


2013-01-20 20:20:29

Point well made.


2013-01-20 23:14:43

This is Tropicana, you know the guy who posted this news posts. Looks like my tough love worked, they are not deleting their account, and seems like they unstuck the head up their ass.

Im actually surprised I reached them, and they listened.

+1 for humanity


2013-01-27 10:53:30

I delete my art every week for the opposite reason. If you liked it, you should've saved it. And known I existed a week earlier.