Animation Hold

2013-10-08 15:39:58 by Tropicana

I released 7 movies, 8 if you count the collab this year. As far as productivity goes thats as best as Ive ever done.

Im getting back into the tattoo game, and holding down 2 jobs. So in summary im fucking busy,
Birds 2 was great, but it took a grip of time to make.

I work 8-5 and then 5-11 I dont see when im going to squeeze animation into my schedule; however I still plan to release a few more cartoons this year before it ends.

We have a halloween clock movie special coming out and ill have a part in that.

Thats what up


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2013-10-09 05:16:22

But what about 11-8? Good to hear you're still managing to squeeze in time for NG with all that going on though!


2013-10-09 06:54:56

keep up the good work, dogg.

Tropicana responds:

Right back atcha!


2013-10-09 19:10:23

good thing that you still clock-in/go at NG, despite your busy schedule....

what will you do in flash, nowadays?

also: what do you mean by ''getting back into the tattoo game''?
do you make tattoos?

have a happy halloween, i bet your movie will be great!

Tropicana responds:

yeah I used to be a tattoo artist, im back into it now.

I cant leave you guys your too awesome