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Reminds me of classic newgrounds games that used to cause controversy; Great dark humor. I want to be critical in this review and critique the lack of documentation and the blocky controls.
But this is what you come to expect from these type of games, and gets it message out.

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

I'm sorry you were disappointed by this. I have read the reviews here and I've improved it.

INFOGRAPHIC the game, interesting concept!

FernandoBarba responds:

Thx :)

Insanely fun, I find it best to play with the shoot button held down ;)

some ui things id improve on but great platformer

This is a tamagotchi style game. Its really nicely put together.. The pixle art is charming and once your done futsing around with the confusing ui its good.

I was going to give the game 3 stars but I bumped up to 4.

Theres no documentation, and the ui is somewhat confusing;
however thats no exactly what you get from these type of games.
Its a game where you have to fail , explore and learn the rules of the game before you have success.

Might turn off some users initially but worth your time.

Wolod responds:

Thanks. I'm glad that you liked it. There's really no documentaion. I wanted gamers to figure out everything by themselves. In my opinion it makes the experience more deep and mysterious.

Incredibly surprising, this game is a gag but it has substance. I came in expecting nothing but its actually really good. Its worth your time if thats what your wondering.

surprisingly deep! great game

The bump maping and physics were incredible

For a flash game this is incredible, stop me if I goto far but its comparable to halo 3 and other next gen games. Truly as far as gamemakers go they are releasing the same crappy quailty games, while the clockcrew is reaching for the stars.
I commend you.

Wicked Dan

No written review can express how awesomely insane this game is hit me up on aim :/


The only thing orignal about this is the artwork which isnt saying much. the code has been stolen directly off of flash kit with little editing but what does it matter piconjo fags will vote 5 on it regardless I can understand the humor to a degree and it was intresting at first but its old and very stupid now

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