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I made a clockday movie

2016-08-15 08:45:10 by Tropicana

Also lol im an emoticon now, wow such an honor 

Away Mission game UPDATED ;3

2016-02-20 15:03:26 by Tropicana

Seems wierd to patch a flash game, but I took your guys reviews and made it better. I made away mission for the 2016 pixel day event and it was alot of fun. Thanks for your feedback we now have a better version of the game. I also made a tutorial video incase you get stuck, and I read some of the funny reviews left for the game. 

 Updated game :

Tutorail and review Video

Thanks for looking: You can look at more of my arts and


thanks oni fam senpai sensae sama  

new website

2016-01-30 16:34:54 by Tropicana

Not really new: But ive upgraded my website


You have many websites to choose from and visit, Why mine? 

I dont have a compelling reason but I think its at least better than viewing plagiarized conteht via buzzfeed, or one of those other sites. 


I got some art, and shit you've previously can just view on newgrounds, so there isnt a real incentive. 

If you got a minute check it out, if not go back to writting hate filled paragraphs to people you dont even know on facebook.


ps.. tropzilla 3 . 0 

pixle day plus new game

2016-01-23 11:37:58 by Tropicana

Happy pixel day everybody, 

be sure to check out my new game if you got a minute


again happy pixel day


2016-01-17 09:55:17 by Tropicana

something big comming 

New League of Legends video

2015-12-07 22:49:06 by Tropicana

check out my guide: dominate leauge


2015-11-17 18:32:06 by Tropicana 

cant believe it got announed so close after fallout 4 ?!

The goverment gave charlie sheen aids, and the nwo is trying to kill everyone with chem trails.

Tropzilla 3.0

2015-10-25 06:21:23 by Tropicana

droppin new shit soon 

havent done anything in ab it

2015-09-22 17:27:33 by Tropicana

Been busy with some other somewhat big projects. Really I havent a clue what to work on. (im still making art dont worrie) but everything im making right now is for study purposes. I dont feel like making illustrations because whats the point until I get really good. 

The other thing is animations; should I bother with those ? 

figure it out trop