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Tropicana's News

Posted by Tropicana - May 7th, 2014


Posted by Tropicana - February 22nd, 2014

I got nothing profound to say, :S im making art like a mad man tho

Posted by Tropicana - November 27th, 2013

Hey awesome newgrounds folk, getting alot of cool shit in my feed primaryly from Wrygraand IkuGames. Goodshit guys.

So the halloween colab got scrapped, but I still hold true to my one movie to end the year.
The clockcrew set up another 10 second colab, Im the 2nd part into it check out
here > http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/629183

I did this radfucking painting at work a few days ago
here > http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/tropicana/crazy-hand

So im still busy as fuck, Got re-licensed and im tattooing professionally again
Ill try to get one more out by the end of the year, hopefully something really nice rather than my spammy shit

Posted by Tropicana - November 5th, 2013

A strong website can do great things for you, my last one landed me my day job.
Ive made 3 redesigns to my website and this time this is the best most astetically pleasing one i've made


let me know what you think, I plan on expanding it at some point as you might notice some sections are wip
but the design and concept are pretty tight.

Other than employment websites dont serve a good purpose, I find at best they are ignored unless they have some great backing, or major site/celebrity endorsement

I digress, as expected I had to shelve my halloween animation, schedule is far too crazy in addition the clockcrew is deader than its been in a long ass time.

I have ambitions ; however I Want to keep my steady flow of awesome material. For now i'll spectate on you newgrounds dudes.

I have a good project in mind in the future that is actually feasibly reachable, I have a script writer and actor ready. This actor is fucking awesome. He's a martial artist who specializes in swords, in particular katanas, and japanese steel. He also does fencing and a insane variety of weapon practice.

The script writer is one of my best friends , the little he has written drastically puts my writing to shame. Consider this my announcement, you may have noticed a bird like guy in my gallery, robot guy, has a black samurai sword. Well im going to make a live action rotoscoped movie starring him and my concept art.

Ive tried a few attempts at this for animation, and to accomplish the quality I desire it has to be done with real live action actors and green screens. meaning im going to have to construct props and get equipment.

The first atempts I tried to just flat out draw it with my imagitnation, and the second time I tried I used actors without green screens, needless to say I found these methods cumbersome and time consuming.

using my new method of filming I should just have to apply effects, layer up video files, and illustrate back grounds and effects. id imagine scenes like this, my lead actor swings a blade around a green screen with a reference point, the other actor steps in and preforms his actions and acts like hes being cut down. I can layer up the frames to look like my main actor is cleaving through the baddie actor.

I can simply filter this footage with layer effects in after effects, or sony vegas to get the live action film footage to look animated, and considering their in costume I wont have to deal with pesky frame by frame animation.

so thats whats up with me, I have some ambitious ideas but lack capitol and time.
2014 is going to be fucking rad.

I can do this fairly low budget and still get a solid animation

Posted by Tropicana - October 15th, 2013

If you've been following my art feed lately you've most likely seen some awesome paintings from me. Im broke as shit right now and I need some cash. Im wanting to sell these 70$ a painting or 2 for 100$

Im also up to commisions, message me if you're interested!

Its a good day for art

Posted by Tropicana - October 8th, 2013

I released 7 movies, 8 if you count the collab this year. As far as productivity goes thats as best as Ive ever done.

Im getting back into the tattoo game, and holding down 2 jobs. So in summary im fucking busy,
Birds 2 was great, but it took a grip of time to make.

I work 8-5 and then 5-11 I dont see when im going to squeeze animation into my schedule; however I still plan to release a few more cartoons this year before it ends.

We have a halloween clock movie special coming out and ill have a part in that.

Thats what up

Posted by Tropicana - August 15th, 2013


Posted by Tropicana - July 13th, 2013

Bunch of hot shit coming in august from me, and my clockcrew homies.
Save the date

Posted by Tropicana - June 22nd, 2013

may I direct you to my tumbler


ive been working on 3d in blender and hopefully If I keep at it I can make some amazing things

Posted by Tropicana - June 12th, 2013

at the beggining of this month I dropped a major movie, now im on to the next thing.
Ive been taking the last 11 days off from doing anything work related and its time to get back on track.

My thoughts a proper tropzilla game sequel, id like to also produce some short cartoons.
I got alot of ideas but not alot of time.

below is some fan art ,or fan concept art.
I have a really rough game concept


this was made on my old computer, I didnt stick with it. I was using stencil and while I found it a very powerful tool, it was out of my confort zone still.

now I have a bit more practice I can do this project all in as3

So im actually at a cross roads right now, we have clockday approaching and thats a good reason to get tropzilla 3 done , it would be a killer year for me. Im also very intrested in remaking that game.

Thanks screwdriverclock for the art, I actually like his a little better than mine .

I have an awesome trick to get projects done. I delegate 10 minutes daily to animation. Its not much but you can easily get aot done in that 10 minutes, and it often becomes way more than 10 minutes

Next project